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Featured Product:
Limited Edition
First-Day Covers
by Bobbi Trout

Second to None
the Gladys O'Donnell story

Second to None

Lorraine O'Donnell Doyle, daughter of Gladys O'Donnell, has written a marvelous and truthful account about her aviation-loving family. Gladys finished second in the Women's Transcontinental Air Derby of 1929, which included contestants Bobbi Trout, Pancho Barnes and Amelia Earhart. But what started as a wonderful aviation dream for her parents, Lloyd and Gladys O'Donnell, ended in the success of a wife and the bitter envy of a husband. Doyle's book dares to investigate the lightness and darkness of a family. It is presented with a sophisticated, nostalgic flair. Great photos abound.

You may purchase it as a gift, but you'll want a copy for yourself. The book is a great addition to any aviation library.

Cost: $19.95

Quantity available: 4

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